Anatomy is the branch of medical science that deals which the identifications, description of the living things. Here you can find all the anatomical detail of all the organ of the body.

  • Temporal bones

    Temporal Bones

    Temporal bones are two in number; situated at the sides and base of the skull: chief bone of the temporal…

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  • occipital bone

    The Occipital bone

    Occipital bone forms the region of the occiput(back of the head) and is trapezoid in shape. It presents a concavity…

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  • Frontal bone

    Frontal Bone

    The frontal bone forms the region of the forehead and resembles a cockleshell in appearance. Parts: Vertical partor or Squamous…

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  • Arches of the foot

    Arches of the foot

    Introduction Arches of the foot helps in fast walking, running and jumping. In addition, these help in weight-bearing and in…

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  • parietal bone

    Parietal Bone

    Parietal bone is two in number, situated between the frontal bone in front and occipital bone behind; irregularly quadrilateral in…

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