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This is a medical blog for students so that you can learn how to eat foods healthy and properly. Food is the basic need of almost all creatures in this universe and none of the creatures can remain alive without food. But these days we don’t know how to eat food properly.

From the very ancient times we humans have been treating food as a very special part of our life. Our ancestors followed a very special routine and methods of eating the best food which resulted in a good condition of their health. But due to our busy schedule and the way we are living, we prefer fast food due to lack of time. The main thing that comes to my mind is whether the type of food we are having now is good for our health or should we improve the ways or methods to eat. To know healthy ways to eat foods is a must. The answer to all these questions will come from this article so let’s know the best way to eat. In this medical blog for students, you can learn how to eat foods.

 Extracting nutrition to the fullest

The main reason to eat food is to get all the nutritional value that our body needs. We should always choose the foods according to the requirement of nutrition in our body. Now one must be aware to get maximum nutrition from nutritional stuff. The food which we eat must be prepared in a place where sunlight can reach easily and where there is plenty of oxygen. This helps in increasing the nutritional value of the food. The food so prepared is high in nutrition. Such food should be consumed within about 45 to 50 minutes to get maximum nutrition from the food. When we leave the foods without eating for 24 hours then we can not extract the nutrition from the food then. It comes under the healthy ways to eat food.

Masticating the food

The food we eat should be chewed in such a way that the food gets so soft and the maximum amount of saliva goes to our stomach by the means of the food. It helps in the proper and quick digestion of the food. It also helps to prevent and avoid problems like obesity.

Water and food

We should not take water immediately after or during we have food. Water cools the epigastrium that results in the delay indigestion. we should take water after about one to two hours of having food depending upon the temperature.

Maintain timetable

We should also make a fixed timetable for the consumption of food. This makes the body to secrete enzymes always in a fixed time that will help in the proper digestion as well as absorption of the food

Position of Eating

Position of Eating

The body posture while eating food also plays a vital role in the digestion and absorption of food. When we eat the food by sitting on the ground, it is more effective than eating food on a dining table. The gravitational force of the Earth is also the reason for this. Eating in such a manner avoids obesity and problems in the joints as well.

Source: Theconversation

Foods in the fridge

Foods in the fridge

All the food that we fail to eat at a time, we keep it in a fridge. But what comes in my mind is whether this method is hampering the nutrition of the food or not. Look fridge contains some gases which help in maintaining the temperature of the fridge with respect to the surrounding. These gases include CFC. CFC includes chlorine, fluorine, and carbon. Similar more 12 gases are present in most of the fridge working under CFC. In the chemical dictionary, the terms chlorine, fluorine, and carbon have the meaning of poison or simply dangerous. These gases are supplied to the foods as well making it not so good for us to consume. So the use of refrigerators should be either minimized or stopped.

However, in the case that you are compelled to eat the foods kept in refrigerators then you must consume the foods after about 45-50 minutes of taking it out from the refrigerator. Keep in mind that the food shouldn’t be heated for the second time. It comes under the healthy ways to eat food.

After Lunch

After lunch

Most of the companies allow their workers to take a nap of about 20-40 minutes after having their lunch. It is found that the efficiency and activeness of the workers increase by about three times after having a nap. Basically, the metabolism of our body is maintained in such a way that the time after lunch is completely for digestion. This requires the maximum amount of blood to reach near the abdominal cavity. Due to this most of us feel sleepy after having lunch. So it is good for our body to take a nap for about 40 minutes after having lunch. It also increases our activeness and helps in the maintenance of blood pressure. This is actually the question of most of the people what to do after lunch. And thus this part has been included in the blog learn how to eat.

After dinner

After dinner

Most of us already know that we should sleep after at least about 2 hours of having our dinner. Is that really true?

The metabolism of our body is not completely for digestion during the night as after lunch. The pressure of the blood is also reduced during night time. Due to this, we should take rest after about two hours of having our dinner. It is considered very good to walk after having dinner. Sleeping just after having dinner may result in various health hazards including heart problems.

By reading this blog now we can learn how to eat foods.



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